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What Mickey's friends who stayed in the Tree House have said.


These comments also appear in the Guestbook for the VRBO and Vacation Rentals

 2007-2008 Guest Comment


From: "jesnorman@aim.com" <jesnorman@aim.com> To: geoff_fowler@yahoo.com

Sent: Wednesday, 23 April, 2008 1:32:54 PM

Subject: Mickey's Tree House

Mr. Fowler,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to stay at Mickey's Tree House. It was fantastic. The house location is great. It is close to the parks and also close to town. The facility was very clean and had everything that we needed for our vacation stay. I hope everything was left in an appropriate manner. I left out at 4 am and the other couple was still there. Please let me know if there was anything out of place. Again, thank you and we greatly enjoyed staying at your facility. My family and I will be back soon and hope to stay with you again.

Sincerely, Jessica Norman

************************************************************************************************************************ From: Tim and/or Brenda Davi <tandbdavi@cebridge.net

To: Geoff Fowler <geoff_fowler@yahoo.com> Sent: Saturday, 19 April, 2008 12:27:57 AM Subject: Mickey’s Tree House Reservation


Thank you so much for all of your correspondences and attention to detail. You already have gone above and beyond our expectations for renting a vacation home. We truly will write about our great experiences with you and give great recommendations at the VRBO website.

The Davi family


From: "tristatepayroll@verizon.net" <tristatepayroll@verizon.net>

To: Geoff Fowler <geoff_fowler@yahoo.com> Sent: Monday, 11 February, 2008 1:08:58 AM

Subject: Re: 0843 Landau Receipt & Reservation Form.doc

Hi Geoff,

Just want ed to express our appreciation. This was our best vacation ever! Mickey's Tree House was both beautiful and comfortable. We loved the pool and spa. We woul d certainly love to come back. We will tell our friends and family about our wonderful experience.

Thanks again, Ben and Malky

Ben Landau

Tri-State Payroll, Inc

1217-59th Street; Brooklyn, NY 11219

T. 718-435-9241

F. 718-228-8920

E-mail: tristatepayroll@verizon.net

From: Staci Cassano <stacilaci13@hotmail.com>

To: geoff_fowler@yahoo.com

Sent: Wednesday, 9 April, 2008 8:59:38 PM Subject: Thank you


Our trip and stay at your villa was great! I have alrea dy recommended it to 2 people! We really enjoyed the pool and the sunshine. Thank you so much for your help in planning our trip! We did find my daughter's glasses

(which I think my husband e-mailed you about). Thanks again and hope you are enjoying your holiday!


From: Richard Willis <gager2002@yaho o.com> To: Geoff Fowler <geoff_fowler@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, 27 March, 2008 12:40:42 PM Subject: Thanks for the great week


I will send you a detailed description of our experience in a few days. But I wanted to quickly tell you thank you and I really appreciate you allowing us to stay in your home. The pool was great, the kids loved it. Although heating it was not necessary. It was a little warm outside. But who can predict the weather in Florida? I told

Ann, 2 of your wine glasses met their demise with my kids. Please forward me the cost of the replacement. I did however, add a couple of items to your home for future tenants. There are now a couple of pitchers in the kitchen for drinks, and 7 pairs of goggles for children for the pool. Again, thank you so much. I look forward to speaking again.

Richard Willis




I wanted to tell you that we had a great time at the house!!! The website does not do it justice, we really felt at home there!!! Not sure if they did anything to the pool while we were there (or before) we didn’t see anyone.

Again, we had a great time and I have referred several other families to your website!!! Wendi

Officer Wendi Dunnuck

Training Unit Instructor

Kansas City, Kansas Police Dept.

1228 N. 79th St

Kansas City, Kansas 66112

913-596 -1601

Comment from Geoff. We had an automatic pool and spa valve selection system fitted which is what Wendi was referring to


Property Description: 4bed,2bath, pool,spa, near Disney World

Property ID Number: 41387

Vacationer Name: Ruben Flores

Email Address: rubenjr61@yahoo. Hometown: Humble, Texas

Phone Number: 281 -330 -3238

Comment rating: Pos itive


Thanks Geoff, (05/26/2007)

My family and I wanted to thank you for letting us stay in Mickey's tree house for the 2nd time. The Kids really like pool. All the attractions, shop and restaurants are very close to the villa.

Thanks Geoff I'll be renting again

Ruben and Dora, Humble, Texas

*********************************************************************************************************************** From: Agnes Peutherer <apeutherer@hotmail.com>

To: geoff_fowler@yahoo.com

Sent: Tuesday, 29 May, 2007 8:23:05 AM

Subject: Re: Mickey's Tree House 11-25th May 07

Hi Geoff

Got back home Saturday morning and it has taken me till now to get rid of jet lag

Your Villa is beautiful and it is so central to everything. It was lovely to come back after an exhausting day to relax beside the pool. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to stay in your home and Alana loved staying in Mickey and Minnie's bedroom, her mum had to go out and buy her a Mickey and Minnie to bring home

The Spa was warm and bubbly and the girls loved it.

Anyway we had a great holiday and if you let me know how much we are due for heating I will send a cheque. I would also like to put a comment on your website about your hospitality and how lovely your home is. My youngest will not hesitate to get back in touch with you as she would like to go back sometime.

Thank you so much for making our holiday such a lovely experience. Agnes


----- Original Message ----

From: Laura Every <ljevery@hotmail.com> To: geoff_fowler@yahoo.com

Sent: Wednesday, 9 May, 2007 1:45:31 PM Subject: Re: Mickey's Tree House Receipt

Hi Geoff,

I just wanted to write and thank you so much for the use of Mickey's tree house! We had the best time, and the house was beautiful. We were very comfortable there, and hope to use the house again for our future Disney trips! Thanks again! Laura Every

From: Sara Nichole <semo_girl_82@yahoo.com> To: Geoff Fowler <geoff_fowler@yahoo.com>

Sent: Monday, 26 March, 2007 6:52:22 PM Subject: Re: Mickey's tree House now available

Hello again. I wanted to thank you for letting us stay in your beautiful vacation home. The house was absolutely beautiful. We had a lovely time and we are even coming back next year. Thank you again for making our stay perfect.

Sara Tharp semo_girl_82@yahoo.com

---- Original Message ----

From: Peter Salerno <pjs6383@msn.com>

To: GeoffFowler <geoff_fowler@yahoo.com> Sent: Wednesday, 11 April, 2007 10:06:41 PM Subject: 2 items left behind

Hi Geoff,

Just a quick note (I'll get back to you later after we get organized from the trip). I believe we left 2 items behind, they are Matchbox/Disney race cars, one is Goofy and the other I believe is Pluto. They might be shoved in one of the couches, that's t he last I remember them or in one of the front bedrooms??? If you find them, can you PLEASE send to me and I will reimburse you. It was a gift Christian picked out for his birthday and really enjoyed...

Thanks, Sue

----- Original Message -----

From: Geoff Fowler

Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2007 9:36 PM

To: Peter Salerno

Subject: Re: 2 items left behind


We had a minor panic. As I said Alfie found the cars and decided to play with them (he now has 4 of his own) and then we couldn't find one until this morning when we were checking out and tidying up.

I have wrapped them and put them in a padded mailer envelope. Ann will post them to you on Monday.

I met all of your family except yourself, your Dad looks well. Geoff

From: Peter Salerno <pjs6383@msn.com>

To: Geoff Fowler <geoff_fowler@yahoo.com>

Sent: Tuesday, 17 April, 2007 5:10:55 PM Subject: Re: 2 items left behind

Sorry that Alfie liked them and it cost you money in the long run. PLEASE tell him THANK YOU for finding them I greatly appreciate it. I wish I could've met you, after talking via email for so long I feel we know each other.

I WILL DEFINITELY recommend your home to EVERYONE I know who is interested and will consider your rental again in the future. Thank you for sharing your BEAUTIFUL home with us. The kids really enjoyed their time there, I wish the last 2 days didn't rain but next time will be more sunny. Thanks again.



From: "prtunes@frontiernet.net" <prtunes@frontiernet.net> To: geoff_fowler@yahoo.com

Sent: Thursday, 15 March, 2007 7:01:14 PM Subject: !Great Visit

Dear Geoff,

We'll be heading for home tomorrow and just wanted to thank you for the use of your home. We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed your home. We made it out to Kennedy Space Center yesterday and really enjoyed it.

We had bought ticket for the shuttle launch, but a few days after purchasing the tickets, there was a terrible hail storm. The hail damaged the fuel rocket and they postponed the launch until the end of April. Maybe next time!

We hear we are headed home to 6" of snow! :o( Patti & Kenny Rotella


From: Patti Rotella <prtunes@frontiernet.net> To: Geoff Fowler <geoff_fowler@yahoo.com> Sent: Thursday, 5 April, 2007 4:12:09 AM Subject: Re: Florida visit


There is a possibility that we might be coming back to Florida August 25th to Sept 8th. Is your place available? Thanks,



From: Jeneen Iarrobino <jeneen9212@yahoo.com>

To: geoff_fowler@yahoo.com

Sent: Tuesday, 7 August, 2007 7:52:36 PM Subject: Mickey's Tree House

Hi Geoff!

We are back from Mickey's Tree House and had a GREAT TIME!

The house was beautiful and the kids especially loved the pool. We felt so at home as Mickey's Tree House was so cosy.

We will definitely be renting again next year for about 2 weeks probably around the same time - July and August.

I will contact you sometime in January to book for next summer. Thanks again.... Jeneen Iarrobino

From: "beautrar@comcast.net" <beautrar@comcast.net> To: Geoff Fowler <geoff_fowler@yahoo.com>

Sent: Sunday, 14 October, 2007 11:58:58 PM Subject: Re: Morris Reservation

thank you so much for letting us rent your house for the third year . As always every thing was great. Aron Morris


From: KGS jill.shearer@insightbb.com

To: Geoff Fowler geoff_fowler@yahoo.com

Sent: Sunday, 30 December, 2007 4:30:01 AM

Subject: Re: Mickey's Tree House

Hello Geoff

Kevin and I just wanted to let you know what a great time we had at Mickey's Tree House. It was everything we hoped it would be. It was beautiful yet comfortable. I was so happy when I walked in and saw the cute Christmas tree! Our stay was just what we needed after 5 days on the Disney property. It was so relaxing and yet so close when we wanted to return to Disney for an evening. Our Christmas with just the four of us was peaceful and special. It will be one we won't forget. We would love the opportunity to stay at your lovely home again in the future.

Thanks for everything. Hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year!

Jill Shearer

From: kristin hendry <knhendry@gmail.com> To: Geoff Fowler <geoff_fowler@yahoo.com> Sent: Friday, 4 January, 2008 10:47:17 PM Subject: Re: Fw: Mickey's tree House Deposit


We had a great time at Mickey's Tree House. Thank you very much. Kristin


Comment Date Date of Stay Comment
12th July, 2004 3-17th July, 2004

What a wonderful place to stay! My wife and I had not stayed in the Orlando area for several years. We had stayed south of St. Augustine to stay away from the crowds.  Now we have a new 'Florida address'.  The area gives you the 'at home' feel. But we were very close to all the attractions, shopping and restaurants.  The private pool makes the 'lazy days of summer' very enjoyable.

The home was very well decorated.  The bedrooms allow for plenty of sleeping room.  It house is very roomy. In fact we have already booked our two weeks for next year.  We plan to bring our grandson.

The Fowlers are great to work with and are very attentive to the needs of their guests.
We could not have asked for a better place to stay for our vacation.

May God Bless you and yours.

-Jack and Vickie, Franklin, Ohio (mcintosh@cinci.rr.com)


30th June, 2004 20-25th June, 2004

LOOK NO FURTHER! This is the house we had been searching for, the style and space was more than we expected. This house has it all! We were so nervous being first time villa renters and didn't know what to expect, but now we know this is the only house we will keep coming back to year after year. 

A special thanks to The Fowlers for everything.
Billy and Tracie Rhea
Cordova, Tennessee

-Billy and Tracie Rhea, Tennessee (camden@midsouth.rr.com)



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