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Disney World

This is probably one of the main reasons that you decided to visit Orlando.  Disney World is a vast complex of Theme Parks, Water Parks, Hotels, Camping Grounds and Sports Facilities.

There are double lane highways connecting each park and offering access from the Main Highways. BEWARE the speed limits are STRICTLY ENFORCED  with very, very frequent speed traps!.  Each park and resort hotel  is connected by a fleet of free Disney Shuttle buses.  Magic Kingdom, Epcot and many of the Disney Resort  Hotels are connected via the by the famous Disney Monorail System.

Click Disney Parks to access and download a Disney World Theme Parks Map

A few tips on using the theme parks.

If you are at an attraction early in the morning, it is recommended that you go deep in to the park and work your way out.  Most people hit the first attraction they come to.

Plan your day in advance, and make good use of the Park Hopping tickets.  If you start early, young children can soon become tired with all the activities and the heat.  We have found that by going early our children, and now grand children, are tired by 2:00 pm, and fall asleep as soon as they get in to an air-conditioned car.  Let them sleep, take them home for a swim, and go back to see the Fireworks, Laser light shows at no extra cost in the evening.  Epcot fireworks and laser show is a must.  It starts every night at 9:00 p.m.  The Nightly, Fantasmic Laser and Fireworks, show at Disney MGM is another “must see”.  Beauty & the Beast and Lion King are also excellent.

 Water parks, (Typhoon Lagoon, Blizzard Beach, Wet-‘n-Wild, etc.), provide at no extra cost children’s ski vests.  These are excellent and allow your children to enjoy the majority of rides and slides in safety.  Our children, when infant’s, enjoyed all the family type slides, as well as the children’s areas.  It is advisable to wear a T-shirt when visiting the water parks.  When you are in and out of water, you can easily get sun burnt without realising it.  Believe it or not, you’ll get a tan whether you like it or not, so no need to try too hard.

You will find that the concrete ground at the water parks gets so hot in the summer months that it is difficult to walk on with bare feet.  Children especially need some sort of foot protection, which is also suitable for the water.  Flip-flops, Neoprene booties or something similar are ideal.

People will tell you that eating out in America is cheap.  Compared to the UK it can be, but doing it with a family of four every day soon becomes expensive.  Somewhere like TGI Fridays costs about the same in dollars as Brits pay in pounds.  Use the coupons, which abound everywhere, and look for the fixed price “eat as much as you can” offers.  Eating in the Disney and other resorts is considerably more expensive than elsewhere.  In the Supermarket, you will pay roughly a dollar, for what costs a pound in the UK, therefore about a half cheaper.

Remember, irrespective of what you take, the children will still want their Mickey Mouse T-shirts, and these can be purchased cheaper in the shops than at the Disney resorts.  

Driving into and around Disney World can be confusing, especially if you are not used to driving "on the wrong side of the road".  There are many direction signs but personally I find that many are sited to close to exits or intersections and it is easy  to miss where you want to go.  Click Disney Roads to access and download the road and mono rail direction map.

If I am driving to I-27 from Poinciana Blvd I take the Osceola Parkway all the way to Animal Kingdom then where there is the little loop on the Disney Roads map there is a an unmarked exit road to the left that take you straight onto 192 at Mile Marker 5.  It is no shorter than using 192 directly but there are few traffic lights and a lot less traffic so it is usually much quicker at peak times.




Last modified: 07/30/04