Mickey's Tree House




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Entrance and Foyer

On approaching Mickey's Tree House from the road you are greeted by Little Mickey Tree (the original Mickey Tree was killed during Hurricane Charlie in August 2005.

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Entry into Mickey's Domain from the front door brings you first into the Foyer. 


click thumbnail for larger picture  The wall hanging carpet was available for a limited time during 2007 in the retail outlets in the various Disney World parks


To the right are bedroom 2 and 3 and the family bathroom.

Directly ahead and you enter the living area.

On the left hand wall of the foyer is the intruder alarm and security light console.  The alarm may be de-activated.

That's about all that can be said about the this small "room"

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Below are "thumbnails" of high resolution satellite pictures of Mickey's Tree House.  Click on the thumbnail to view larger picture.


Last modified: 04/28/08