Mickey's Tree House




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The Great Room (Lounge) 

This is the lounge area and features a couple of very comfortable sofas of premium quality.  The cable television, stereo, DVD are coupled to a "surround sound" speaker system which can selectively be switched to the pool area.

Overhead are the motion sensors for the intruder alarm system.

The lounge leads to the rear master suite and the second bedroom.  The patio and pool area are accessed via double French windows.  These doors are alarmed to alert you if children  try to enter the pool area unsupervised.  cancel the alarm if children are allowed in the pool areas (at your own risk). 

The french window doors have a key-lockable deadbolt in the centre and a key-lockable deadbolt at the top of the left-hand door.  For your security please lock these at night and when leaving the villa.

The lounge and formal dining room are separated by a  partition wall and archway.  Above the partition and bedroom access wall is a high level shelf with a variety of ornaments.  The floor is carpeted with a deep pile beige carpet. 

Please ensure that pool users are dry when using this area because the chorine pool chemical WILL bleach and mark the carpet and soft furnishings.


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The TV nook facing the entrance to the Master Bedroom and Second Bedroom.  The kitchen is to the left.   click the thumbnail for a larger version


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These two views were taken from the the arched door next to the TV that can be seen in the picture above.  You even have a West Highland Terrier for company.  He is very quiet, makes no mess and doesn't need a walk.  After dark the table lamps give a cosy subdued ambiance to the living area.
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A view of the lounge from the snack bar.  The patio table and chairs can be seen through the double French windows

In this view the kitchen, habitually the meeting place, can be seen through the arched entrance.  Some of the many ornaments that are in the kitchen, dinning room and lounge can be seen.  This photograph was taken from next to the plant in the corner of the lounge  that can be seen in the previous photograph.  To the left of the arch is the "Formal Dining Room"

   click the thumbnail for a larger version

Below are "thumbnails" of high resolution satellite pictures of Mickey's Tree House.  Click on the thumbnail to view larger picture.


Last modified: 04/28/08