Mickey's Tree House




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Not very exciting, but a necessary evil.  Even Mickey gets messed up sometimes and so his clothes need a wash.  We have provided a large domestic washer and separate drier for these unwanted chores.  The appliances are located in the Laundry area accessed through the door between the Kitchen and Nook that also leads into the double garage.  The large cupboard has been locked as an "Owners Cupboard" so that we don't take up the closet space usually used by owners in many villas.

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Yes, as can be seen, the  laundry is used sometimes.  The large  washer and drier are plumbed for immediate use.  There is a steam iron and board as well.  Oh, what fun to be had.  The door that is shown leads to the double garage.  There are eye-level cupboards for those necessary detergents (not provided, but may be present from previous occupants)


Below are "thumbnails" of high resolution satellite pictures of Mickey's Tree House.  Click on the thumbnail to view larger picture.


Last modified: 04/28/08