Mickey's Tree House




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Kitchen and Nook

Mickey's Mom wants a holiday too!  The kitchen contains everything to help Mom prepare mouth-watering meals and to give her as much of a break as possible we have provided every labour-saving device we can think of.  There are the big items such as dishwasher, 4-hob stove, large double-door fridge freezer with ice-making and chilled water capabilities.  A large, fitted microwave is located above the stove.  There is plenty of counter-top space on which to place the toaster, coffer-maker, toasted sandwich maker and an electric kettle (especially for our British Cousins).  There is an under-sink waste-disposal unit.

Instead of ordering take-away pizzas etc why not pre-plan a gourmet meal at home from ChowThyme.com.  We have not personally tried their products yet and would welcome your feedback if you use their services.

At the end of the kitchen is a dining nook, large enough to seat 4 adults in comfort.  A baby's High Chair can also be accommodated.

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This is the right-hand side of the kitchen when viewed from the dining room end.  The dishwasher is located as is the sink and drainer.  The small appliances  are located on the counter top.  The crockery etc is located in the top units
This is another view of the right-hand side of the kitchen which gives a good view of the tiled counter top and the breakfast bar.    Click for a larger picture

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This view is taken from the Nook and is the left-hand side of the kitchen (when viewed from the formal dining room).  The breakfast bar is at the end on the left.  The double door freezer can be plainly seen as can the stove and eye-level microwave oven.  The large white door opens to the larder cupboard and just at the edge  of the picture on the right is the door to the laundry and Garage.  This view also shows some of the ornaments scattered throughout the kitchen, dining room and lounge.
This view of the Nook is taken from the kitchen entrance next to the breakfast bar.  The spacious informal eating area is shown and a good view of the drapes that are throughout the villa can be seen.  The window faces East and captures the morning sunshine.    Click for a larger picture
   Click for a larger picture

Below are "thumbnails" of high resolution satellite pictures of Mickey's Tree House.  Click on the thumbnail to view larger picture.


Last modified: 04/28/08