Mickey's Tree House




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Formal Dining Room

There are those times when informal eating in the Nook or at the Breakfast Bar is not considered to produce the right atmosphere or there is not enough room for everybody.  Maybe you are staying with Mickey at Thanksgiving, Christmas, a birthday or some other celebration.  Why not push the boat out and set the large formal dining table with the best crockery, cutlery and glasses.  Some candles maybe?

Mom may have cooked the best meal possible so let's have a party.  The pre-prepared meals from ChowThyme could also be a solution if Mom has hung up her oven gloves for the vacation.

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click the thumbnail for a larger version

There are 6 seats as you can see, although the table can accommodate 8 easily.  Use extra seats from the Nook dining table if necessary
This photograph is taken from between the dining table and the partition wall and shows the three interior eating areas, formal dining, snack bar and breakfast Nook.    click the thumbnail for a larger version
click the thumbnail for a larger version

In this picture it is easy to see the living area floor-plan with the formal dining area through the dividing archway

Below are "thumbnails" of high resolution satellite pictures of Mickey's Tree House.  Click on the thumbnail to view larger picture.


Last modified: 04/28/08