Mickey's Tree House




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Bedroom 2, Second Master Bedroom

Mickey's Tree House was not constructed with two Master Suites and a third half or full bathroom but we like to think of this as the Second Master Bedroom.  It is next to the family bathroom in a small hallway off the main entrance foyer.  The windows are West facing so morning sun will NOT wake you up in time for an early start in one of the attractions!

The room is furnished with a queen sized bed,  a night table on each side and a dressing table.  There is a large closet for hanging clothes.  The high cupboard is not recommended or needed unless you can find some very tall step-ladders.   The windows have louvre blinds and drapes

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The door from the entry hall opens onto a double bedroom containing a queen sized bed and two night-tables with table lamps.  The window has louvre blinds

Next to window is a mirrored dressing table

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and there is a built-in closet (normally empty) to hang clothes.  Note the high level storage cupboard that needs step-ladders to reach and is not recommended to be used for short stays.

Below are "thumbnails" of high resolution satellite pictures of Mickey's Tree House.  Click on the thumbnail to view larger picture.


Last modified: 04/28/08