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This Page will be of Interest Mainly to UK-based Visitors


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Historically UK Holiday Makers have opted for “Package Tours” with Operators such as Virgin, Thompson, Going Places, JetSave etc.  Whilst this removes a perceived hassle of a Do-it-Yourself Approach it can cost a significant extra amount of money.  It is relatively easy to search the Internet and weekend newspapers for flight and car rental deals that can save you substantial sums of money.  I will be happy to assist you in your search.  Below is a table, based on costs incurred by ourselves in March 2004 and rates quoted in Virgin Holidays Second Edition Florida & the Caribbean January 2004-April 2005 and Jetsave Florida Issue 2 Jan-Dec 2004.  Prices are for illustration only and vary from periods to period.  High season rates are higher than the averages used for the illustration costs.  Please read the notes below the table. 


Eagle Peak Drive Villa Owner

JetSave Villa Holidays

Virgin Hotel Holidays

7 nights




14 nights



***** 2,461


Virgin Atlantic Adult Premium Economy    

   £719 x 2 = £1,438

Child Premium Economy    


Adult Economy    

    £349 x 2 = £698 *** £523 x 2 = £1,046

Child Economy    

    £229 x 2 =£458 *** £333 x 2 =    £666  

Travel City Direct Sunshine First ****    


Economy Class ****    


Virgin Fly Drive using Premium Economy for Intermediate Sized Car


506.00 for 16 days



Bar-B-Que No Charge when available

19.40 per week


Cot, High Chair No Charge when available

30.55 per week


VCR, DVD No Charge when available

19.40 per week


  97.00 per week

^^90.00 per week


Spa Heating

58.00 per week

^^90.00 per week


Summary: 2 adults and 2 children under 11 yrs Economy Class flights, basic car Rental




7 nights

14 nights

1,314 Travel City Econ Flights

1,688 Travel City Econ Flights





All prices in GB £ and 1.8 used for exchange rate from US$ to GB£. 
* Low Season Rate,  includes Osceola County and Florida State Taxes, Management Fee and Utility Costs (excludes pool and spa heating costs)

** Based on the JetSave’s Platinum Range of Homes at Glenbrook, 25 minutes from Disney on US-27.  (if you know the short cut!)  Price quote averaged over 12 months.

*** Fly Drive Price based on compact car, additional charge for upgrade to Intermediate.  Price quote averaged over 12 months.
****Based on April 22nd 2004 Flight Quote for 2 adults and 2 children under 12 years with Intermediate Car and Basic Insurance.   Sunshine Upgrade £249 per passenger irrespective of age but varies with travel date as high as £400 per passenger.
^^ Not quoted in Brochure.  Cost can be a surprise when getting to Florida
***** Based 2 adults and 2 children under 11 sharing one room on Virgin Holidays Sheraton Safari Hotel Package in 2nd Edition Jan 2004-April 2005, page 129.  Prices averaged over 16 month period and include flights and car hire.

 By taking a villa the children would not be sharing the parent’s bedroom, there is lots of space throughout the villa to play, watch TV etc compared to a single hotel room.  In addition there is the un-limited use of a swimming pool AND spa.

 Travel Insurance is a MUST.  We found a very good deal on the Internet in March 2004 with a company called “Insure and Go” that charged £85 for an annual worldwide policy for 2 adults and 2 children.  Their phone number is 0870 900 0100.

It is not advised that you go for "basic" car insurance packages.  You really need the full package with CDW etc for "peace of mind".

Another money saving tip that we discovered, by accident in March 2004, is to have a Virgin Airways Frequent Flyer card which will then allow Virgin Holidays to give a 10% discount.  This may NOT always be the case but it is worth checking if you are considering using Virgin Holidays to book your Fly/Drive.  Use http://www.virginatlantic.com to enrol as a Frequent Flyer before booking your ticket.  it's FREE, so why not!!!

Some supermarkets, such as WinDixie, issue "loyalty cards" similar to Tesco and Sainsbury's.  We gained some significant savings on products that were discounted using the loyalty card.  The cards are free and available at the checkouts, just ask the cashier to register.  Cash discounts are given immediately at the check-out, which is siimilar to Somerfields in the UK.

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